Wooden Beam System I-20 | Rental of Slab Formwork

The system I-20 is a flexible and suitable slab formwork system. In combination with H20 wooden beams, it enables economic efficient stripping of slabs. Depending on the requirements of the concrete surface, the system allows a free choice of the surface panels.

The system based on H20 timber beams is:

  • Highly efficient
  • Suitable for any ground plan, slab size and slab thickness
  • Low weight
  • The I-20 prop head is compatible with any prop
  • An early partial stripping is possible

The H20 wooden formwork beams are available in the following beam lengths:

190 / 245 / 290 / 390 / 490 / 600 cm

I-20 is a highly versatile timber beam formwork system and adaptable to different slab geometries and thicknesses. Due to few system compontents it is simple and easy to assemble.


Suitable for all surface types


Can be combined with different surface supports


Simple and fast assembly


Early partial stripping


Free choice of formwork facing


Possibility use as a table or tower of range

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