Wall Formwork – Rental Service for Formwork Systems

INTERFAMA offers wall formwork systems made of aluminum or steel for rental. These framed formwork are characterized by their diverse areas of application, high fresh concrete pressure absorption, their long service life and their adaptability to the most varied of construction projects. This concrete formwork enables straight walls to be realized in combination with climbing systems, columns, one-sided walls and round masonry. Fair-faced concrete surfaces can also be easily realized with these formwork solutions.

The INTERFAMA rental service includes the development of customized solutions, the support and accompaniment of our customers directly on the construction site with individually tailored training and assembly assistance. This ensures a safe and economical use of the formwork systems and the projects can be realized successfully.

By renting formworks from INTERFAMA, you will benefit from consistently high product quality. At the same time you have the opportunity to try out front-line products and solutions on site.


60 kN/m²

Wandschalung I-FORM

I-FORM ALUMINUM | Wall Formwork

100 kN/m²