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In today’s modern architecture, imaginative and complex constructions are often planned. For the realization of these constructions, bespoke formworks made of steel or wood are required. Built on over 35 years’ experience, INTERFAMA designs and fabricates project-specific concepts and schedules to meet the specifications of the clients and to accomplish their project requirements. Our products are developed with the help of modern simulation programs that allow us to realize statically perfect products, even before they are tested. Our engineering capability allows us to provide unique solutions for a wide spectrum of applications.

Our team has extensive experience and would be happy to advise you on your specific requirements and find tailor-made solutions for your ambitious projects. The service of INTERFAMA includes the project and formwork planning, the manufacturing, as well as the technical support and assistance on the construction site.

SPECIAL FORMWORK | Formwork systems individually tailored to your needs


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Projects & References

Construction of a viaduct in the province of Khemissat (Morocco)

After the completion of the expressway Perugia Ancona – SS.318 from “Valfabbrica”, the Maxim XL elements in conjunction with the one-sided support frame system PAT are used to build the walls against the rocks, with varying heights of up to 10.5 meters.

Realization of the Y-beam for the multi-purpose hall “Palasport”

Various formwork systems were used to implement the Y-beams for the roof of the Palasport multi-purpose hall: MAXIM in combination with special formwork and ALUSTERN to support the beams.

Construction of a parish complex in Ferrara

Construction of a new parish complex consisting of a church, a rectory and rooms for pastoral care. The following formwork systems were used for the construction: MAXIM for straight walls, ORBIS for round walls and ALUSTERN for the roofs.

Construction of the viaduct with connection to Genoa airport

INTERFAMA supplied the following formwork for this construction: RSS system specially with the PAT climbing bracket for the columns, tailor-made formwork in combination with the MAXIM system and I-Prop shoring towers for the bridge trailers.

Construction of the “Schivito Macchie” viaduct in Grottaminarda

The following INTERFAMA formwork systems are used for the construction of the viaduct: the MAXIM formwork system for walls, pillars and bridge trailers, the RP work consoles for the pillar shafts and bridge trailers, the KBK climbing system as a work platform, special formwork made of wood and steel for the design of the trailer and the Tower stairs UNIK.

Construction of the SS675 expressway

For the construction of the SS675 expressway including the Zoppo, Bedano and Crognolo tunnels, INTERFAMA supplies the MAXIM formwork system and special round-shaped RSS elements for wall panels and pillars, complete with the PAT and KBK climbing systems.

Project: Highway extension in Asti-Cuneo Piedmont (IT)

For the construction of the motorway bridge Asti-Cuneo, INTERFAMA supplied the following formwork systems: A special steel formwork to shape the columns, G7000 wall formwork and the MRM climbing system. The INTERFAMA formwork enabled the executing company to concrete 3 complete bridge piers per week and deliverd excellent concrete results.

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