Fall protection I-GUARD | Rentalservice edge protection systems

The I-Guard system serves as temporary fall protection for surfaces with a maximum gradient of 10°. The system complies with the European standard EN 13374 – Class A.

It consists of a shaped grid (2.40 x 1.10mt.), upright of 2 meters and accessories supplied, allows the formation of protections with heights up to 1.90 meters, also for complicated structural geometries. The upper longitudinal side of the grill is made of double wire to ensure maximum resistance to flexion. The base of the grid is reinforced by a 25 cm high shaped sheet which protects against accidental falls of small equipment or materials.


Attachment to various surfaces such as concrete, steel, and wood


Suitable for vertical and horizontal formworks


Easy and fast installation with only few accessories


Overlapping two grids for protection with a height of 1.9 m.


Various fixation options


Flexibly mounted - Different possibilities for a wide range of mounting situations

Temporary fall protection I-GUARD – San Giustino Umbro (PG)

The INTERFAMA I-Guard protection system was used as fall protection when implementing ceilings: I-Guard, protection system EN 13374 – Class A

Project: Construction of the SUD-EST Barese hospital in Monopoli-Fasano (Apulia )

In use is our system I-GUARD, which serves as a temporary fall protection in this project.

The advantages of this system are:

  • Fast assembly with few accessories
  • Wide range of applications
  • Easy attachment to various surfaces such as concrete, steel, wood
  • Versatile
  • Technically flawless (compliant with DIN EN 13374 – Class A)

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